Wendy Eagling Steps Down

»«Sunday 16th December 2018

Towards the end of September Wendy Eagling informed the House Committee that she would be stepping down- the reasons were good and after many years as a House Committee member, since the days of being a Flag Officer herself, the club duly sent flowers and accepted her taking a backseat.

The Committee and Flag Officers felt that after such tremendous input throughout the years, not just on the House Committee but as Commodore and flag officer, the occasion should really be marked properly. It was decided that an engraved vase- knowing it would be put to good use by Wendy, who has always been a keen gardener/flower enthusiast - would be presented on AGM day. Wendy was unaware of this and so on Sunday 16th December, Peter Marchant, Commodore, called upon Wendy from the crowd and presented her with the gift and thanked her for her time helping the club in many ways, for so many years.

It is not the end of the help of course, all that know Wendy, know she is a font of historical knowledge and maintains the club archives and will still give the odd tour of the club to those who enquire.

Thank you for your outstanding support over many years from the Officers and Members of the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club .