Sunshine Start to Otter Week

»«Sunday 22nd & Monday 23rd July 2018

With the most AMAZING sunshine and just enough wind at just the right time (aided by our flexible programme) Otter Week is now in full swing! 

Our Flag Officers, Colette, Tom, Sophie, Izzie and Scott have all been working hard to keep everyone entertained from morning til dusk and have even remembered to write their daily reports - here's what they had to say so far.....

Day 1 - Otter Week ‘18, by Colette Bacon, Otter Commodore

Today was the first of many more fun days to come this week. Thankfully the wind filled in and we were able to complete three solid races with almost perfect conditions (though the wind may have been a little inconsistent!); followed by an excellent Hog Roast and much fun on the bouncy castles. Thank you all who came to the Commodore’s Reception and I hope that you have all enjoyed today as much as I have. 

I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

Day 2 - Otter Week ‘18, by Sophie Dawson, Otter Rear Commodore

Today we had a jam-packed day of sailing, treasure hunting, playing, skating and overeating Izumi. The treasure hunt was brilliant fun, we hope you all enjoyed it. Big well done to Kerensa Newcombe for cracking the code! We were lucky enough to get some brilliant wind for racing which meant all the boats were absolutely flying round the race course. Roller Skating was a success with the seniors once again. I look forward to hearing all the stories about Monkey Puzzle from the juniors tomorrow. And as always Izumi left everyone leaving Maldon with very very full stomachs - not complaining of course. 

I hope you all really enjoyed today and I look forward to having just as much fun with you all tomorrow!

Kate Rands