RCOD May Bank Holiday

»«Monday 7th May 2018

The best turnout of the year, with Corinna (the Class's boat that's now available to charter on a w/e basis), looking fast having just been painted and launched for the weekend, in the hands of Andy Barr.

Over the three days on each of the opening leeward marks we had all four RCODs literally abreast, so close racing it was! Everyone showed good speed in spurts, and as ever the river threw up its usual throw backs to those that say "we always sail over there in this wind direction..." they were proved wrong on more than one occasion, although as ever the echo sounder never lies.

It ended up that Cormorant with Steve and Justin having sailed from Easter were the team that wasn't to be beaten, Sue Law came 2nd, followed by John Waples and Andy.

Wonderful to see were the new crews that were coming up, namely Chris Dawson, William Waples, Mike Lewis, Karen Aylen (continuing her winning streak in racing) and then Kate Rands, making an interesting choice to sail on the non family boat, whilst not forgetting Rosemary and Trudi the mainstays of the teams, and finally a quick return for Amanda Waples on Cormorant subbing for Lizzie Rands who'd fractured her arm on the Friday evening!

Finally  'Save the Date'  for all is Saturday 14th July, for the RCOD fundraising BBQ and Shindig in the Big Shed for all the Club (all monies are going toward the rebuild of Coral Nymph) .....more details to follow.

Justin Waples