First Sail for the new Otter Pond Group

Pond 3

Sailing on the pond

»«Saturday 14th April 2018

The first day of sailing for the Otter Pond Group got off to a great start with the sun making a welcome appearance along with the excited bunch of new Otters.  

New Trainer, Graeme Page, soon had the children rigging boats and practising tacking on land whilst the Otter Vice Commodore, Tom Rands, proved himself more than a little useful by sitting in the boat to provide the perfect demonstration, although, at 17, we think he is probably a little on the large side for an Optimist now!

After the on shore training it was time to get out on the water and try it for real so the boats were all launched and the children then showed off their new skills. Of course, there’s a lot more to learn but with plenty of big smiles and a whole host of fun had it looks very much like they will all be back for more next week!


Tom Rands