Otter Easter Egg Regatta 2018

»«Saturday 7th April 2018

Saturday morning saw the Otters racing for eggs in their Easter Regatta – specifically chosen to be one week after the Squibs and Dragons took centre stage on the water, they fared much better on the weather front than the keelboats had done with gentle winds and even a bit of warmth (well we may be slightly eggxaggerating the warmth but still….)

The Otter Commodore had decided the event should be open to all clubs on the river, something she may have regretted when realising that the best Otter Feva team were away in Florida busy winning the RS Feva World Championships (well done Ben and Abi) whilst both brother Charlie Bacon, having just won the 420 U17s Youth Championship, and her own sailing kit, were still en route from Largs in Scotland. Handing out seemingly hundreds of eggs after the racing she graciously congratulated our friends at the Burnham Sailing Club whose top class sailing meant they swiped both the Feva and Laser trophies fair and square.

Here's what our Otter Commodore, Vice Commodore and Chairman had to say of the event:

Report from the Otter Commodore - Colette Bacon

Last weekend’s Easter Egg Regatta was another brilliant day out on the water for the Corinthian Otters. With good winds (and even some sunshine at times!) we had perfect conditions for a great couple races and fun sailing. It was also really nice to see participants from other local clubs taking part in the regatta and I hope that their time racing at the club was enjoyable.

Again, thank you so much to Charlie Pitcher who was our Race Officer for the day and all those who helped run the event, both on and off shore.  

It truly was great to see so many sailors out there and I believe, along with a lot of support and an abundance of chocolate eggs, all that spirit is what truly made it an eggcellent event!

‚ÄčReport from the Otter Vice Commodore - Tom Rands

Those expecting a great racing experience at the Easter Regatta were not disappointed with the outcome, with many different classes of boat battling it out on the start line jockeying for position.   This was an excellent regatta to be a part of with some brilliant racing taking place throughout the morning.  

Report from the Otter Chairman - Justin Waples

It was great to see so many sailors coming from every Club on the river at the briefing.  The sailing was right outside the Club so fun for all to watch.   The slack tide meant that those oppie sailors just getting back into the swing of sailing and racing had one less thing to deal with.  Two races over, and all back to the Club for lunch and Easter Eggs all round both for the winners and those not too far behind.  A really good fun Regatta, maybe a bit too relaxed for some, but either way a great warm up to the season ahead for the Otters and parents.  


Class 1st 2nd 3rd
Optimist Harry Courts Nathan Flynn Arthur Sturmer
Tera Sam Blaker Ethan Hague Jed Cox
Topper Muiris Capon-Telford Nick Matthews  
Feva C Morley/J Blaker J McCarthy/E McCarthy A Kemp/F Fisher
Laser 4.7 Nathan Clark    
Laser Radial Dylan Collingbourne Lizzie Rands Natalie Main
RS200 H Phelps/L Lynch E Phelps/M Entwistle T Rands/C Peel




Kate Rands