Optimist Spring Championships

»«Sunday 11th March 2018

This weekend I and some of the other Otters travelled to Lymington for the Optimist Spring Championships. I had never been to Lymington before but it is a lovely club house and a beautiful area to be recommended to anyone!

It was a weekend with varying wind strengths. On the first day the wind was 15 to 25 knots, and on the second day 7 to 15 knots. There was also fairly strong tide and chop which made the course very challenging at times, however, with our Burnham experience the Otters were able to cope!

The competition was tough, with a good number of Irish sailors and a French competitor

I finished 7th overall, 3rd GBR and 1st Girl. The highlight of my weekend, apart from Mother's Day of course, was getting my very first 1st place in a IOCA major event.

The course was a long sail from the club and I think all of the attending Otters did very well to cope with this challenge in unfamiliar circumstances, with Jemima, Felicity, Ollie, Bryce, Imogen, Will and Angus all in Main Fleet. 

Flo Brellisford