Final 2018 Cruiser Talk

»«Sunday 18th February 2018

The last Cruiser Lunch in the 2017-18 series took place on Sunday 18th February. Over 50 members gathered for an entertaining Romp Through Old Leigh, chaperoned by Carole Mulroney of the Leigh Society. Carole told of the significance of Leigh in days gone by, with Leighmen’s skills used to construct and repair of ships of the line.

Carole introduced us to such colourful characters as Admiral Haddock and Captain Salmons, and the unfortunate Goldspring Thompson, who was pressganged twice and played a role in both the Nore Mutiny and the Battle of Trafalgar. More colourful characters were introduced, such as Bonker Burder, and my own anti-hero Ponto Boston (aka Gotty of literary fame). Fascinating stuff!

Once again, the hour passed too quickly, and the presentation came to an end. We sat down to a fine carvery prepared by James, and the Endeavour Room was filled with the sound of convivial chatter. Eventually, though, the time came to depart and we left for home.

Looking forward to the 2018-19 series of Lunches, we have Dick Holness, one of the Editors of the East Coast Pilot, booked for the 25th November.

Our next event is the Opening Muster (a race to Fambridge and a meal at the Ferry Boat Inn) on Saturday 14th April. More on that as the event draws near. Meanwhile, there is the Fitting Out Supper on Saturday 24th March. I hope to see you there.

Chris Nolan