Snow Globe Races 3 & 4

»«Saturday 18th November 2017

The second weekend of the Snow Globe started a little chillier and breezier. We started off with the prize giving for the week before and the award of the “lemon of the day” (bright yellow Zhik beanie) went to Phil Aspinall for his nifty pirouettes in the second race. With the requirement to wear it for the day’s races, we were sure to spot him!

Joining the mix of RS200s and Laser Radials, were a Merlin Rocket, Fireball & Blaze that came out of play. Prior to the start of the racing, some (including a certain lemon-hatted RS200), showed us their capsize drills and boat handling manoeuvres and yes Carl, we did all see Nick having to get out & push you guys off the sea wall!  the rest of us bombed across the river in gusts of 15knots & more.

Race 1 saw the Merlin (Steve Hall & Ben Harden) lead from the start with the Fireball (Malcolm Hutchings & Ian Simons) hot on its heels. For the rest of us, the racing was close with 4 of the 5 laser radials running down the river in a line, Lizzie Brown scooting ahead and leaving the rest to fight it out.

It was a close run thing whether the toppers launching for their Zone training would be out of the way before the second start, but with moments to go they cleared the line, allowing the stampede of Snow Globe competitors to get going for Race 2.

This time the Fireball edged out the Merlin Rocket and Jo Tribe in the RS200 on the water whilst Dylan Collingbourne replaced Lizzie in leading the Lasers round. Special mention to Jason and Nick for their spectacular capsize at the gybe mark, they were definitely flying at that stage.

Another fantastic week’s racing, plenty of chatter in the bar after and a few nominations for “lemon of the day” already gratefully received - please pass on any more nominations before briefing on Saturday, when this week's prizes will be awarded.

Alex Porteous