Rob Campbell returns to his RCOD roots

»«Sunday 2nd July 2017

The elder Waples brother very kindly allowed me to helm Corpo Santo on Saturday, with Penny and Rosemary. Cormorant was recalled but fought back to level with Corpo, the two enjoying a tight tacking duel before, in perfect conditions, with Corpo prevailing in a fleet of four boats. It was noted that the Squib Class captain was also guesting in Corsair - rumour has it he last sailed in Corsair some 35 years ago as crew to Allan and Kay Munro.

The  enthusiasm in the RCODs is amazing and I consider it a real honour to sail in the class in which I originally learnt to sail way back in the 1950s. My father owned firstly Cornichon (originally No10) and latterly Corinthia (No 2). The fleet gets stronger and stronger, with yet another boat, Coral Nymph (No 1), nearing completion of her restoration.

Rob Campbell