RCOD Racing Report

»«Saturday 17th June 2017

After the abandoned 1st start (annoyingly for Corinna who was placed to perfection on the line) this allowed a new course to be posted to account for the wind filling in. Cormorant, helmed by Steve Rands, got off to a flyer to reach Greenward with a good 500 yd lead, chased by Corsair, this week being helmed by Andy Barr with David Shapiro as the 4th owner making his first appearance on board.

The 1st beat allowed Corpo Santo to slip by an exhausted Corsair helm (the mental energy required after 20 years away from the stick was taking its toll on the helm it transpired after the race) and at Jubilee Cormorant still led, and again at Greenward although by less. At this point Corpo Santo (being helmed in John’s absence by Justin with Trudi and Jackie Mckellar as crew) decided to pounce, power up, and edge past into the lead at the mouth of the Roach and then to the finish. Cormorant finished a good second and Corsair was 3rd. Coram won the family team prize with a ‘Wallis team’ as crew.

Coriander, who decided at lunch that abandoning early was the call due to lack of wind, however it was a shame as Peter missed what turned out to be a good race, which was held in a stunning warm Force 2/3 from the South.

 This coming weekend Coralie will be making her 1st appearance of the season after some considerable pre-season training in France.

Justin Waples