RCYC Pushes The Boat Out!

»«Saturday 13th May 2017

More than 45 visitors arrived on Saturday morning for the RYA Push The Boat Out event. They were greeted in the Club by Mary Makey  for registration with coffee and cookies, handed on to Amanda Waples in the Boat Shed with rails of waterproofs and lifejackets then, all kitted out, processed by Kate Rands who found out what they wanted to do and handed them over to husband Steve for their allocated boat. It was organised but, at times, frantic and fun. The would-be sailors had come from all over Essex and London as well as some from Burnham who had never been on the river. 

Once on the pontoon RIBs took them out to sailing boats - they had the choice of two Dragons, two Squibs, one RCOD and the Topper. Motorboat Sprite took children too small to sail and families also went out sailing on Cruiser, Helm's Deep - Sally's scones were a big hit.

Organiser, Justin Waples, who had a non-stop busy morning on his RCOD with families stepping aboard as the last lot got off, gathered the feedback which included 'everyone was so friendly', 'how do I get involved?', 'nothing was too much trouble', 'can I join this Club Mummy?' and 'amazing lunch'.

Anne Heasley