Otter Easter Regatta 2017

»«Saturday 15th April 2017

Wild Racing, Lunch and Eggs at the Otter Easter Regatta

Strong winds greeted the Otters last Saturday morning with many us looking forward to a chance to finally get some racing in… and that’s what we got!  Flags went up, watches started counting down… until we realised that it wasn’t our start when a fleet of Squibs charged off the line, leaving many flustered as to why we were currently joining them.

When the racing started we saw competitors flying off the line (and into the water when we capsized) with many Otters making that quick journey to the windward mark, giving it their all in order to get that slight edge – but would it be enough?  For some a stable and quiet downwind section followed this brilliant leg, but for others came the infamous ‘death roll’ with their boat being sailed back to the pontoon by our expert instructor Gavin who clearly wanted to join in the racing as he took his time to get back to dry land.

Meanwhile our “Dolphins” were by far the fastest sailors out there, by instead of taking the usual sail having elected for a 40 horsepower safety boat to get a better “vantage point” of the exiting racing whilst learning the all important lesson of how the tide affects them as sailors.

All in all our Otters seemed to be having a brilliant time out there, with this morning of sailing only made better by the acquiring of an Easter egg (most not lasting 5 minutes) and a prize giving for this year’s Easter Egg Regatta winners.  Oh and the lunch, that was excellent too!

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