RCOD May Bank Holiday

»«Monday 1st May 2017

A fantastic weekend of racing when the wind allowed for the RCODs.

Corpo Santo and Coram in her new livery joined Coriander and Cormorant for the racing.  All the boats were very grateful for the ability to reef on both the Saturday and Monday (and the agreement that white sails was the order of the day for the Monday), the latter being particularly gusty as we short tacked up the North Shore during the town course.  Close racing was had, and while Cormorant won, Corpo Santo and Cormorant were within boat lengths all the way around with neither really able to be comfortable when in front.  Just proving that the 82yr. old boats are still as fun, exciting and challenging to sail as ever.

Coriander was having fun, and definitely closer to the leading two as the wind increased, and Coram who came to race on Monday has young Abi J. on board, who at a little under 5ft was quick to point out to her helm that there was plenty of water in the boat. Coram did look lovely in her new colours.

Roll on next Saturday when hopefully Coryphee will be ready to race (activity was spotted on Monday!)

Justin Waples