The First Super Saturday of 2017

»«Saturday 22nd April 2017

Super Saturday was back this weekend for the first race of the new season but someone forgot to tell the Gods.

Over fifty competitors waited patiently in the Corinthian bar for any sign of a breeze . It was good to see representatives from all Burnham clubs plus three Phantoms from Creeksea to keep Marc Ellis and Olly Moon company (5 total).

There was much excitement in the car park as well with team Pica assembling their monster 18' skiff .

The atmosphere in the club was buzzing and the general consensus was that lack of wind was not going to spoil the day, so after several rounds of bacon butties we launched and  managed to get three starts away for the first race. The Oppies had no problem getting round and their race was won by Felicity Brelisford, followed by Jemima Cook.

Unfortunately slow handicap was abandoned, and in fast handicap honours were taken by the team Pica skiff giving a masterclass and proving that if your sail area is as big as the start line you don’t need a lot of breeze. They zipped round the course before the rest of us had completed lap two of three and after 20 minutes, death of the breeze and with several boats stranded on the leeward mark (mentioning no names) we were all timed out.

Despite the conditions, however, there was some good racing in the early laps and lots of friendly banter and I think all are looking forward to super Saturday 2 on the 20th May.

Carl Anderson