Dragon Class goes Curling

»«Sunday 5th March 2017

As the sailing off-season continues the Dragon Class embarked on a slightly different team competition event, in the form of Curling. Looking to emulate the great UK Olympic champions Rhona Martin and Eve Muirhead, the party set off to Fentons National Curling Centre in Tunbridge Wells to put their bodies on the line and test their skills in a round robin tournament.

A total of twenty-four eager participants were split into six team of four, each team colour coded and identifiable with party hats ranging from red to pink with white spots. Dragon Class Captains Andrew Moss and Leigh Turvey hosted the event and were team Skip’s, both keen to out-do each other and take home the spoils.

After witnessing the junior elite members on how it’s done, the Dragons were up next and after a briefing and some basic curling skills training it was time for the games to begin.

Each team played 5 matches on the “sheet” armed with a curling broom sending down 2 stones per person in each match aiming to get nearest to the centre target. Some fared better than others and it was evident that getting the right speed on the ice was the key challenge.

After 2 hours of play and some fierce competitive spirit, two teams emerged challengers for the prize. And wouldn’t you know, it was the Red and Blue teams led by the Class Captains!

A trip back to the home of Andrew and Leigh for some well-earned lunch and refreshments, the results were in and it was Leigh’s Red team pipping Andy’s Blues by one point to win overall.

A fantastic day out and a great sport to take part in. Curling is a game for all to enjoy and be competitive, regardless of your age and fitness levels.

Many thanks to Leigh and Andy for arranging it all and for being amazing hosts.

Dan Churchward