Committee Dinner and Presentation

»«Saturday 25th February 2017

The Committee Dinner at the RCYC provided the ideal opportunity to present one of our historic trophies. The Thames Estuary shield - recently rebuilt by Woody (Colin Woodcock) with Arthur Heasley polishing up the shields and getting it up to date - had been in a sad state. It is as old as the Clubhouse and was first presented in 1932 to a Mr. A. Courtauld. 

The Shield emerged on Saturday night as good as new to be presented by the Commodore, Annie Reid, to Tony and Chuffy Merewether, the most recent winners of the Thames Estuary Race. Tony has recently retired as Chairman of EAORA and this was one of the many highlights of the Merewether’s racing career in various boats called Amazon - they have also paraded the Town Cup round the town in their time. Now Tony and Chuffy are giving up EAORA and moving from racing to cruising in a new Amazon, with comforts.

Tony spoke at the Dinner to thank the Club for an excellent evening and to remind us all that this year will be the 125th Burnham Week and looks like being a special event. The RCYC/EAORA Thames Estuary Race will be taking place this summer, but this time Tony will be one of the Race Officers.

Anne Heasley