Final Cruiser Lunch of 2017

»«Sunday 19th February 2017

The third and final Winter Lunch in the 2016-17 series took place on Sunday. About 40 members gathered to hear our guest Nigel Gardner spill the beans on life as an RYA Examiner!

In a humorous and insightful talk, Nigel took us through some parts of the first RYA Yachtmaster syllabus. Skills tested included the prevention of Scurvy, the ability to construct a raft from the remains of a sinking yacht, and crew-friendly survival skills.

Nigel provided several useful tips for success in the Yachtmaster Exam. He recounted an incident which severely tested a skipper's organisational and safety skills. In heavy seas, a yacht's shroud became dislodged from a spreader. A 'volunteer' crew member was hoisted on a halyard to make repairs. Great care was needed to avoid the crew member becoming tangled in the rigging, bringing them safely back to the deck.

Victualing is important, and a recognition that more than just bacon and beer is needed! Nigel provided some cautionary stories emphasizing the need for care using electronic navigation aids, and an awareness of the dangers of 'seeing' what you expect to see. The final piece of advice was to leave spinnakers in their bags for the exam!

Once again, the hour flew by. After a short time for questions, we adjourned to tables to enjoy another splendid Carvery prepared by Simon and James.

Our 2017 Cruiser programme moves back on to the water for the Opening Muster, which takes place on Saturday 8th April. Due to the imminent (hopefully temporary) closure of the Ferry Boat Inn, details are yet to be finalised, but it will certainly consist of a short race followed by a meal, where we will be joined by members arriving by road. Watch out for emails closer to the date.

Chris Nolan