Trophy Fever Rolls into Rip Roaring Palmer/Aspinall Disco

»«Saturday 12th November 2016

With the thrills of the Brass Monkey over and a pit stop for lunch everyone headed off home to get ready for Prize Giving. Well, almost everyone - spare a thought here for those that were beavering away upstairs sorting out trophies, writing certificates and organising the room for the presentations.  Our thanks go to Helen Dawson and her team who, together with the Flag Officers, did a fabulous job of organising everything particularly with trophies and awards that some people were reluctant to relinquish from the previous year (you know who you are!)

By 6.15pm the whole place was heaving with Otters in their finery (and some of the parents hadn’t scrubbed up too badly either) as we all headed upstairs to find our seats for the sell out event before the real business of handing out prizes got underway. So in a room bursting with energy, bright sparkly dresses and super smart Otter ties, where not even the news that Pond Trainer Phil had another engagement (Happy Birthday Marion!) could dampen the spirits as Kathryn took up the microphone for her final duty of Otter Commodore….

Awards! Well there were plenty and rightly so! Starting with the Pond moving right on up to Lasers and beyond there were plenty of trophies to deliver and a whole host of clapping and cheering was done - even for those who couldn’t be there, especially those in the oppie Race fleet due to their Zone Squad training clash.

Truly it was a grand night made even more so when Justin was able to announce that the Otters had just received a match funding cheque of £1400 from the John Laing Group. Having just purchased the Topper Sport to aid training for both Otters and parents, with plenty of ideas for improvements and projects in the pipeline the funding has come at just the right time and will be put to good use in the 2017 season.

With all the trophies awarded there was only one thing left to do - and that was DANCE to the Will Palmer & Eddie Aspinall Disco Extravaganza which topped off the evening superbly and although some of those moves from the Commodore’s Dad probably couldn’t be described as actual dancing, it didn’t matter, as we were all having such a great time!

Kate Rands