Judy Waples is honoured by the RYA

»«Monday 24th August 2015

Brian and Judy Waples joined RCYC in 1954. Judy was not then a sailor but after Brian bought a Hornet, found herself on the sliding seat...

She attended her first Otter Week in 1970 and continued to attend for the next 45 years with only one year's absence! She tackled everything, from firing the guns on a Saturday morning to greeting the then President, Blackie Mitchell, as she stepped from her chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce. Mrs Mitchell promptly dispatched her to Maplin Jewellers to buy something pretty for that year’s Miss Otter!

Brian and Judy were the Otter Management Secretaries from 1971 to 1976. When Jo Heriot became President in 1979, Judy became her Vice President, then President in 1983, the position she still holds.

Judy discovered that her duties as President were to "nurture, encourage and facilitate the development of the Otter Members in order that they may reach their potential," a job she has done so well she has led many past and present Otters, not least the author, to consider Judy as a second mother.

There can be none who knows Judy well that would not agree that she is a very deserving recipient of the RYA Lifetime Achievement Award. Congratulations, Judy.

Matt Barr