Otter success at the IOCA Eastern Zone Championships

»«Wednesday 8th July 2015

A group of Corinthian Otter Optimists went to Dabchicks SC on the Blackwater to take part in the IOCA Eastern Zone Championships. The weather was absolutely stunning on the Saturday and the turnout was a respectable 30 boats.

Best Otter results were:

  • Felicity Brellisford - 1st Regatta Fleet
  • Florence Brellisford - 2nd Main Fleet 

Last year’s winner, Otter Ben Hutton-Penman had plenty of speed but ended up having to count an OCS/DNF after an incident on the water, finishing 8th.

So Otter Optimist dominance of the East continues, particularly as the winner of the Main Fleet was actually a visitor from IOCA Southern Area.

Also, two of the Otters deserve a particularly mention as it was their first ever away event. James Ball and Jemima Cook both really enjoyed themselves and said they would definitely like to do more open events in the future.

Victor Brellisford