Cruisers to Brightlingsea

»«Saturday 2nd May 2015

 The bulk of the cruiser fleet ignored all sailing instructions and set off late at a respectable time, last Saturday noon. Fully bunkered and ready for the cold easterly, crews kept inside, captains in their protected and heated steering positions, the motor boat fleet set off - Pauline and Phil Shanahan's 340 HP Nemo, Tim and Sarah Matthew's 96 HP Sea Hound, and Gina and Andy Wood-Hill's twin engined Boscollina.  Their engines' substantial grunt was hardly fossil fuel compliant with the Green Party's election pledges but some of their crews on voyage had turned that colour-the wind against tide in the Wallet was the cause. An errant long rope also mated briefly with a prop which did not help.  

Early riser George Winder set the start line at Greenward at 09.20 only to start the racers Clara and Star Swan, who chose to motor instead to the Swin and then have a pleasant sail with tide up the Wallet and Colne avoiding the Cadet Indicator fleet at Brightlingsea SC which included the Otter Commodore Scarlett Anderson.

The Coyles, Heasleys and their helm, Sue King, were joined by the Motor Cruisers and Sarah Matthews and her younger adults from the Cadet Indicator for a good run ashore and a fine meal at the Colne Yacht Club. Staff there and those at the Harbour made it a friendly and fun event. We all can't wait for the next meet (or race) which is Suffolk Yacht Harbour (Levington) on Saturday 23 May. Sailing Instructions to follow.

Arthur Heasley