Cruiser Opening Muster to Fambridge

»«Saturday 18th April 2015

The sun shone: there was a perfect easterly with the tide under us. The four motor boats had an effortless run to Fambridge - Andy and Gina Wood-Hill's Boscollina with six thirsty crew aboard, Tim and Sarah Matthew's Seahound, George Winder's Sprite, crewed by  Harry Hastwell who looked for a non-existent mainsheet to play with, and John Heathfield's Aquarius with Sir Richard Rycroft, Trudi  Churchwood and others - far too many for the Cruiser Class Captain to buy everyone a drink. He had come as a stowaway on Sprite.

There was just one thing missing - boats with sails. However their owners and crews managed to get to the Ferryboat having  driven instead, obviously saving themselves and sails for next week's trip to Yokesfleet or the week after to the Colne Yacht Club. There were  thirty plus members and we all had a good lunch and collected £100 for the Burnham Lifeboat in lieu of mooring fees. 'Thank you' Danyal Adams, manager at Fambridge Yacht Haven, for giving us this concession again.

Arthur Heasley