Seawall Breaching in the Roach

»«Thursday 16th April 2015

CHA NtM no.16 of 2015

The CHA announce that with effect from Wednesday 15th April 2015 two large ‘Big Float’ floating hydraulic excavators will be working on the riverbed/foreshore off Wallasea Island preparatory to the planned breaching of the seawalls in three locations which will take place in July 2015.

The floating excavators will start work adjacent to planned Breach No.3 (see positions below) and will progress to Breach No.2 and Breach No.1 in turn*. The floating excavators will work on the riverbed and foreshores during daylight hours and will move to the seawall during dark hours.

The machines may place excavated materials on the riverbed/foreshore in the course of their work. Navigators are advised to keep specially careful lookout and to keep well clear of the work site.

Breach No 3: Devil's Reach N 51 deg 35.75’, E 0 deg 51.3'

Breach No 2: Quay Reach N 51 deg 36.1’, E 0 deg 51.9'

Breach No 1: Quay Reach N 51 deg 36.55’, E 0 deg 51.8'


Mark Wakelin

CHA Chief Executive

8th April 2015

* Corrected as per NtM17 20.04.2015