Annual General Meeting 2014

»«Sunday 14th December 2014

Mince pies and morning coffee on a cold and bright Sunday morning in December together with 119 members- it must be the club AGM!

Commodore Robert Coyle took charge of the proceedings in his now familiar authoritive but relaxed style, presenting briefly his report for the year, his third as Commodore. Commodore Coyle contended that following significant investment in internal and exterior decoration and maintenance, the Anne Harper lift, refurbished bar and the new pontoon, the club's facilities are in very good condition.

More positively, membership has increased in 2014 - a reflection of the club facilities and the welcome given to prospective new members and their families. Most importantly, members agreed wholeheartedly with Robert's view that we are a happy club!

Both Robert and Treasurer Tim Howard presented in some detail the club's accounts and between them satisfied most members' questions about its financial position. Trading has been strong this autumn and it does appear that the high level of investment into the club is attracting a high level of support from members for dining and social activities.

After agreeing the new subscriptions the meeting moved to a resolution to ratify an agreement between the RCYC and the Royal Ocean Racing Club (RORC). Papers had been circulated to members setting out the reasons for this agreement but due to concerns about the impact of the continuing use of the name RCYC (Cowes) Ltd and insignia of the RCYC by RORC the Commodore summarised the background to the agreement and its meaning for the club.

A requirement for an agreement - in essence a licensing of intellectual property owned by the club - had arisen following the members of RCYC (Cowes) Limited agreeing to merge with RORC earlier this autumn. RORC wished to continue to use the name of RCYC Cowes Ltd and the club’s insignia for inshore events in the Solent.

Much debate ensued with past Commodore Barry Stanford presenting a case against adoption of the agreement based on concerns of a possible adverse perceived relationship of the club with RORC and possible misunderstanding by the sailing world of our continuing independence.

Commodore Coyle emphasised that the agreement could be rescinded by our General Committee in the event that it was not in the interests of club to continue with it. After many contributions to the debate a vote on the resolution by show of hands was taken, giving a significant majority in favour of adopting the resolution.

Last but certainly not least the members unanimously adopted the club’s new flag officers and General Committee. A ringing endorsement was given to Commodore Annie Reid and flag officers Vice Commodore Peter Marchant, Rear Commodore House Anne Heasley and Rear Commodore Sailing Phil Aspinall together with the existing Committee members and new member Carl Anderson.

Annie Reid thanked Robert Coyle for his commitment and many achievements during his three years of service as Commodore and member John Wilson proposed a vote of thanks to Robert and the Committee for their service in the past year.

After the AGM many members progressed to the dining room for a superb Christmas Lunch.

Happy Christmas!

Martin Makey