Otter Week 2014

»«Tuesday 5th August 2014

The Otter Commodore hosted the first Commodore's Reception at the Otter Shed to welcome all the entrants and their parents as well as our visitors from the Alster Piraten Yacht Club in Hamburg. We have a long association with this club - in fact the Otters were modelled on the Piraten after Tiny Mitchell admired their organisation when he visited in the 1930s.

The Otters sailed, balcony jumped, built rafts, squeezed in some water games, had a superb fancy dress parade and hosted the inaugural RCOOD (Royal Corinthian Otters One Design) Championships (the Europeans are being planned for Hamburg in 2015...)

During the President's Pimm's Party, Robin Judah was on hand to cut the ribbon of the first Otter Rowing Boat. Named Robin she was purchased with monies from the sale of Robin's Squib last summer.

Justin Waples

Otter Commodore's Report

Otter Week was a fantastic week of varied sailing and everyone dealt very well with the often challenging weather conditions. Special recognition must go to Phil and the Pond Sailors who spent the whole week on the river, not even one practice sail on the Pond!

The Commodore's Drinks to start the week was a lovely way to see everyone and hopefully the 'Otter Shed' will be up and running soon.

As always the Water Games were a great afternoon for everyone and well done to Purple Team for winning. A new event this year was Raft Building run by Nick Bacon and with every raft making it to Rice and Cole's Pontoon made it a great success. Whilst the Seniors were Raft Building, the Juniors were at Leeward and, as always, had a great afternoon of activities, in and around the pool, organised by Sam.

The Pimm's Party hosted by our President, Judy, was a wonderful way to start the evening of the Boat Races with our beautiful RCOODs (Royal Corinthian Otter One Designs, 'wind up' boats) made by John Newcombe.

The Disney themed Fancy Dress Parade was of an exceptionally high standard and well done to Under the Sea for winning overall. Following the Fancy Dress we had the games including Musical Chairs which is safe to say got slightly competitive but congratulations to Hannah the rightful winner!

Overall I had an amazing week and I hope everyone else did too. Thank you to everyone who helped and made my last Otter Week so special.Ella Waples

A message from the Otter President

Otter Week 2014 was blessed with great weather. The hundred plus children enjoyed lots of good competitive racing interspersed with many other attractions ranging from water games, hog roast, monkey puzzle, fancy dress with a Disney theme, on the water treasure hunt and raft building. Yes, they all floated!

It was lovely to see all the ages working and playing together ably led by their Commodore Ella Waples together with her Flag Officers Sam Barr, Scarlett Anderson and Joe Barr.

It is a week that has changed very little from its concept some eighty years ago but it could not work without the amazing help from all the parents. They seem to enjoy it too ! Judy Waples