Shindig in the Shed

»«Saturday 2nd August 2014

That was some party, if the number of members wearing dark glasses indoors on Sunday morning was anything to go by! But before it all swung into action, Nick managed to set up a poignant display of boats, Corella in pristine condition and Corvette sadly in need of TLC...

Members' comments

The Shed Shindig was well worth the journey. A great mix of people, good food, pleasant music and all sorts of people dancing! Supporting RCODs can be fun! Chrissie Harte ( who travelled down from Yorkshire!)

Nick Oliver withdrew from Saturday afternoon's race somewhat earlier than the other RCODs. The reason became clear as we arrived at his boat shed for the evening bash. There was Corella beside Corvette, the before and after of (just a bit) of hard work. If Nick can't pull off getting his boat out of the water and laid up on its trailer, looking beautiful, I don't know who can, even if he finished the race a bit earlier than the rest of us. Boat sheds are just great venues for parties and this one surpassed all hopes and expectations. It was simply a lovely evening, lots of support from other classes, lots of faces from the past and present; all made to happen by the extraordinary hard work of those organising it. Standing outside beside those boats on a beautiful evening and looking in at the enthusiastic efforts of those on the dance floor leaves lots of happy memories. Julie Catesby

What a brilliant evening we had on Saturday at the Rice and Cole's blue shed. From the minute we arrived we were welcomed with warm hospitality and glass of Proseco. After which we were ushered to the buffet table where copious amounts of homemade food was available which included as much meat as you would find on a butcher's counter! 'Seconds' were encouraged. Our dining companions were from the RBOD fleet together with lots of other familiar faces from other clubs and townsfolk. It was an eclectic mix of enjoyable company. The music was geared for eating then dancing. I dont know how those two chaps carried on entertaining for as long as they did. Thank you everyone involved in putting the evening together....glad I didnt miss it! Kathy Jones

The result of the Shindig, subject to confirmation of the wine costs, is a profit of £1500 approximately which includes donations from Tom Addis, Wendy Eagling, Tim & Kathy Herring and Gill Prior. Well done everyone and I am sure that all who attended would be pleased to support another RCOD Fundraiser - I already have an idea where this may be best allotted...John Heathfield