Restoration of Coral Nymph - 1

»«Tuesday 1st July 2014

RCOD 1 Coral Nymph is owned by the Class and is currently undergoing restoration by Boatworks at their yard in Derbyshire. Joh heathfield has already been to check on her progress and this is the latest news form Mark Bestford who is in charge of operations...

We have just a good week working on Coral Nymph. Most of the exterior paint has been removed and all the seams cleared; it is estimated about fifteen planks will need attention.

We have started to replace the ribs and have found the cause of the flat spot on the starboard side - it was a cracked beam shelf, but the split was between the shelf and planking, so was hard to see. In the recent warm weather the boat is drying out nicely.

I will keep you posted.

Mark Bestford - Boatworks