An Addition to our Archive

»«Wednesday 18th June 2014

It's always exciting when something turns up, quite unexpectedly. Tony Shearer was in touch recently, on discovering an unusual medal in his late father's effects. He contacted the office to ask if it was of interest to us and, naturally, it was. When it arrived, I realised that there is already a copy in our archive of a similar medal in a white metal, whereas this example is of a bronze colour, so now we need one in gold to complete the set!

RCYC is pleased to accept the medal in memory of Tony's father, Francis Shearer, who died 24th April 1997. Francis was not a member of the club and never expressed an interest in sailing so how such an object should have been in his possession is a mystery we are unlikely to solve... We are, however, grateful to his son for sending it to us.

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Wendy Eagling