707 Eastern Championship 2014

»«Tuesday 13th May 2014

The 707 Eastern Championship was hosted by the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club over the May bank holiday weekend. Eight races were scheduled over two days with seven boats competing, including four local boats, two from Suffolk and one very dedicated team travelling all the way from Scotland.

Saturday provided a very changeable day for everyone with a sea and land breeze fighting for dominance resulting in very light and shifty wind. The first start had to be abandoned as the wind disappeared, leaving all the boats fighting against the tide. After a short delay the wind filled in to 6-8 knots allowing for a trapezoid course to be laid and racing began.

The first beat proved challenging with most boats finding the infamous 'Burnham Mud', and positions changed several time. After some amazing team work, Little Red Rooster lead the fleet in a very close fight to the finish. With a delay for the wind to return, the second race was just as close with positions constantly changing, leaving the Rooster to lead the fleet home. The wind faded and the teams were keen to get to the bar, so races three and four were postponed until Sunday.

Sunday proved just as challenging for the Race Management Team, but the wind filled in and allowed for three more closely fought races. A large wind shift within 20 seconds of the start of the last race made the pin end very biased, leaving Rafiki and Race Horse fighting for the lead, with Rafiki opting to take the tidal advantage.

Race Horse chose to go inshore and take a lift along the bank so was leading at the windward mark with Turbulence hot on their heels.

An intense battle between Turbulence and Rafiki followed, with both boats fighting for the inside line, trying to avoid the mud. With a few boat lengths to the line Rafiki just pulled in front of Turbulence, resulting in Race Horse taking the gun, Rafiki in second, followed very closely by Turbulence.

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Aaron Woolf