RCODs Pre-season lunch

»«Wednesday 5th February 2014

Owners, crew and friends of the RCOD Class crowded the Trophy Room on Sunday 2nd February to hear the plans for the Racing Season 2014. There have been some major changes to the racing programme, the most significant being its division into ten small series of races for specific trophies plus some special 'one-off' races.

This will have the advantage that when work or holidays or life in general gets in the way of regular racing, a particular series can be ignored or abandoned and all the effort put into the next!

The series are all fairly short, four races being the average and discards are only allowed on longer series of five or six races. Because each series is so short, the results should be easier to calculate and we intend to award the trophy in the bar after the last race which we hope will add to the 'buzz' and improve the profile of the Class.

RCODs have traditionally raced on Saturdays but there has been an introduction to Sunday Racing for the Idler Bowl, a series of six races throughout the season. Furthermore there is an emphasis on actively encouraging the boats to turn out regularly by asking the helms to invite crew or friends to helm in their place when they are unable to do so.

John Wilson mentioned some negotiations with an insurer more sympathetic to the special needs of classic boat insurance which may prove interesting to all owners. Class Captain Barry Lewis will look into this as several members expressed an interest.

Matthew Anthony has been looking at the Class Rules, trying to bring them up-to-date with a realistic attitude to modern glues and new approaches to boat building - more on that later.

With the likelihood of eight or nine boats on the water this season, the outlook for the class is better than it has been for years. All we need to do is translate Sunday's enthusiasm into determination to get onto the water in time for the 'Shake-down' Race for the Oxford and Cambridge Cup on 12th April, so you will really have to think about investing in some wet-and -dry and some anti-fouling...

Wendy Eagling & John Waterhouse