Topper 4.2 National Championships 2013

»«Saturday 22nd June 2013

Those that came know what a good event it was – The Royal Corinthian 'Team Endeavour' led by Kim Allen & Edwin Buckley and a large contingent of Corinthian Otter Parents provided a well organised Topper 4.2 National Championships 2013 which attracted 52 boats over the weekend 15th/16th June.

It blew too hard for sailing on Saturday and whilst we tried, we didn’t get any racing in. On Sunday we started racing at 09:00 and completed six races with four different race winners and 14 Corinthian Otters – which was great to see. Their ability ranged from the Endeavour prize winner Dominic Moon who completed every race to a race winner Arthur Brown and in between some very good individual performances from several Oppy & Cadet sailors, some who were sailing Toppers for the first time.

Topper generously allowed the class to buy several 4.2 sails at a very discounted price but the event wouldn’t have happened without Otters borrowing five 4.2 sails from RHYC members in addition to several Otters borrowing boats.

The other competitors were made up of half a dozen 5.3 sailors stepping down a sail division with the balance representing the established 4.2 National Squad. The ages of the sailors ranged from nine to sixteen years old; some sailors travelled a long way, from Llyn Brenig in North Wales, Paignton SC, and Burwain SC in Lancashire.

Sunday provided an early start time of 09:00 for the first race, therefore an 08:00 launch! All the sailors were ready for a hard day's racing. The first race was won by the favourite Crispin Beaumont of Bartley SC followed by Arran Holman of Hollowell in second, Thomas Wallwork of Redsmere in third and a fourth place for Eleanor Cranfield from Hollowell.

The second race was won by Aaron, followed by Crispin in 2nd, Thomas in 3rd and Arthur Brown from Royal Burnham YC in 4th. The third race went to Crispin, Aaron in 2nd, Arthur in 3rd, and Michael O'Driscoll from Crawley Mariners in 3rd.

The wind was a steady force three and ideal for all the sailors. Arthur went on to win race four followed by Ewan Gribbin from Paignton in 2nd, Crispin in 3rd and Aaron in 4th. Another race winner was Ollie Dixon from Royal Harwich YC taking the bullet in race fice, Crispin maintaining consistency in 2nd, Aaron in 3rd and Thomas in 4th.

The sixth and final race was won by Aaron, Crispin in 2nd, Mathew Jayasekara from Corinthian Otters in 3rd and Joe Barr from Corinthian Otters in 4th.

The sailors then returned at 15:00 after a good seven hours on the water! It was then over to the prize giving. Edwin commented on the very high standard of racing and also the fun and enthusiasm of the young sailors.

A prize for the highest placed Otter went to Mathew Jayasekara.

A special trophy for the first 4.2 National Squad sailor went to Ewan Gribbin from Paignton SC. In fifth place was Ollie Dixon from Royal Harwich SC. In fourth place was Arthur Brown from the RB.

The top three positions overall went to the experienced 5.3 sailors who had borrowed a 4.2 sail for the weekend. In third place was Thomas Wallwork from Redesmere, second was Aaron Holman from Hollowell and the winner and this year's 4.2 National Champion was Crispin Beaumont from Bartley SC.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this excellent regatta. I expect that the Topper class will want to visit Burnham again soon.

Full results are available via the link in the right hand column.

Ian Brand