Yokesfleet Creek with Seals

»«Monday 29th April 2013

Yokesfleet Creek is alleged to be first left up the Roach, beyond Devil's Reach and Foulness Island but before you get to Potton Island. You anchor in the Creek, either before the Electricity Cable markers or after, but don't go to far up past New England Island, Havengore Island, or Rushey Island unless you want a mud berth or high tide passage through the Bridge and into the Thames (not recommended for boats with any draft). It is home to many seals who often slide down the mud and swim out to look at the boats.

La Mouette was first to get there and anchor. Peter Willetts' mast gave a guide to others looking for the Creek across the top of Potton. Water Rat (Squib) sailed in next and anchored higher up nearer New England Dam; Grace, Quick Reflex and Jack (53 feet of her) filled in the gaps in the anchorage along with Sprite and the Club RIB. Night Song, Chris and Jackie Goodfellow, cruised the Creek but her windlass was out of action so she could not stop and join the RCYC crews gathered on Grace, which became the Party Boat, much to the surprise of owners, Chrissie and Chris Nolan.

Next Saturday, 4th May, it's Brightlingsea and on 25th May the Corinthian Cruisers head for Levington on the Orwell. However Chrissie was heard to say at Yokesfleet, "Let's have another picnic in June..." and why not.


We did see some seals...

Arthur Heasley