RCYC honours Roger and Mingming

»«Saturday 27th October 2012

Roger Taylor and Brenda were special guests at the end-of-season Laying up and Prize Giving at RCYC. After Roger completed his Arctic voyage of Summer 2011, he came to the sad conclusion that he had reached the limits of what can be achieved in Mingming, his 21ft Corribee. If he wishes to penetrate into further Arctic waters, he will need a larger boat.

Roger made six major voyages in Mingming. The first two were to the Azores but sandwiched between them was his trial taste of sailing into colder northern waters, into the south icelandic seas. In 2009 he was back again, using Whitehills, a northern Scottish port, as his base and the Ocean Cruising Club awarded him the Jester Medal for this venture. Two further trips in 2010 and 2011 forced him to conclude that his partnership with Mingming was coming to an end. The decision made, his friends in the Corinthian Cruiser fleet thought this was the right time to present him with a memento of his partnership with Mingming.

The memento took the form of a photo montage, incorporating a portrait of Mingming, of course, some whales, the Jester Medal and a scrubbed and newly-shaved Roger, looking pleased with himself, as well he might as the photo had been taken within a short while of the completion of his trip.

A second copy will hang in the trophy room in the Club to remind us all that there is more than one way to sail a boat!

Wendy Eagling