Cruiser Fleet AGM

»«Saturday 13th October 2012

Saturday night saw regime change at the Cruiser Fleet AGM. Sue King stood down as the Fleet Captain to be succeeded by Arthur Heasley. Sue was presented with a card, flowers and a Tiffany style lampshade to thank her for all her hard work over the last three years.

Arthur introduced himself to assembled fleet members by awarding Rob Campbell a bottle of whisky for his and Karen's voyage to Portugal. However, ever the Scot, it was a miniature of Glen Campbell whisky and Arthur had already drunk the contents!

Arthur then went on to say he was going to be encouraging more racing amongst the Cruiser Fleet and also introducing a new trophy for the fleet. This trophy is to be known as the "Missing Link" and will be awarded for the worst (or perhaps the most spectacular) misdemeanour of the year, so if you know of any wrong doers amongst the fleet please let Arthur know.

Mick King