Calling All Members with Engines...

»«March 2012

Open Letter from Derek Corless to All Members,

Our club's website now features a page in the fleet section for Motor Cruisers and you will see that it is called a sub-section of the Cruiser Fleet. I was asked by members of the committee to form a group for motor cruisers and I felt that it should be part of the cruiser fleet. Our common interest is in journeying to interesting places, we only differ in how we do it. Sue King runs a very good cruiser section and I feel we should support her rather than be a separate group of boats.

I aim to link our events with the cruisers as much as possible and also to devote some time to topics of particular interest to those who rely on motors for propulsion. I am giving a talk titled “Diesel, Diesels and Darwin” on March 11th just before the Sunday Lunch. I hope that as many members with motor yachts as possible would attend and also give me their views on what they would like to see in the year's programme.

I know that there are some members whose yachts do not feature in the Club's membership list and I would like to be as up to date on this as possible. Arthur Heasley is in the process of making additions to this list. Please let me know if you would like to be included in the motor cruiser group.

Derek Corless