From the Canaries to Burnham with Captain Bligh

»«Monday 13th February 2012

Nearly sixty people attended yesterday's talk for the Cruiser Fleet by Anne Heasley called 'From the Canaries to Burnham with Captain Bligh'. The drive through the snow did not daunt them but then, cruiser folk are a hardy bunch as Anne's talk demonstrated. Anne and Arthur brought Star Swan back from the Canaries via Madeira and the Azores, meeting old acquaintances, making new friends, having a couple of perfect sails, spotting whales and dolphins, and beating into the occasional gale.

As Anne says...

Of course Arthur is usually a considerate skipper but he has his Captain Bligh moments. Like the time in a marina in Lanzarote when he was enjoying a whisky in the cockpit one night while I fought a fire in the cabin. He barked orders, ‘Isolate the batteries. Find the fire extinguisher. Your best chance is out of the forehatch.’ But I knew he had padlocked the forehatch.

Or, looking at my bruises after a particularly rough, or as he said ‘upsy downsy’, trip of three hundred miles from the Canaries to Madeira when he dismissed my bruises as only ‘like playing a hard game of rugby’. Me? Rugby? He made up for all this by risking life and limb sitting out on the pulpit in another gale between the Azores and Falmouth to untangle a snarl up with ropes round our forestay and jib roller.

Another action packed voyage.

Anne Heasley