Cruisers and the David Eagling Memorial Trophy

»«Sunday 25th September 2011

The cruisers gathered for what was likely to be the last water borne event on Sunday 25th September. For almost the first time this year the weather blessed us with sunshine and not too much wind!

Seven boats started the David Eagling Race which was the best start, (thanks to Bruce in the race box) for a long time. Amanda Louise, Orla and Grace steamed off. Verlette, Good Hope and Snow Queen raced at the rear and Quick Reflex sat in the middle of the two fleets. There was a handicap system in place of 15 seconds a foot although I think next year I will take Graham’s first suggestion and make it one minute a foot!

However, our races depend on everyone timing themselves – Amanda Louise finished at 47.23 minutes. Orla finished the same time as Grace and Grace finished the same time as Orla! Not so helpful when it comes to applying the handicap but they agreed that Amanda Louise was so far ahead that she was the winner, so well done to Len Cole and his crew.

Len set the quiz for the Spangle Cup, having won it last year. We all enjoyed the fruit and vegetable quiz very much though some people did not seem to try as hard as they might. Derek and Dwilla Corless, our motor boat friends, won the quiz this year with a very respectable score of 18 out of 20.

Len had the idea of putting names in the hat next year to draw out the person who sets it the following year – maybe we should say the winner doesn't go in the draw?

The day was really enjoyable with good company, good food and good sailing so thank you to everyone who turned up – 34 in total counting motor boaters and people who came wind over tarmac.

Sue King