Dangerous Moonlight’s Last Burnham Week

»«5th September 2011

Keith Heron has been a member of the Corinthian since 1973, sailing his GK 24 Dangerous Moonlight in most Burnham Weeks since then. As the years have passed, Keith and his crew have 'graduated' from the locally handicapped cruiser class the the 'white sails only' or 'no spinnaker 'class. Keith had decided that Burnham Week 2011 was to be his last but was he reading the omens right?

Oracles and omens are not in fashion these days but Greeks and Romans would certainly have consulted them before setting out on voyages of discovery, trade or conflict, to say nothing of sporting contests. I had never indulged in oracles and omens myself. Perhaps I should have taken them more seriously, based on the evidence all around me during the eight days of racing of Burnham Week 2011.

Keith Heron