Otters in Fevas

»«Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th September 2011

The Otters have three Feva crews campaigning for winter squad places and places for the worlds next year. Qualification is gauged over Grand Prix indicator events, the first was held at Hayling Island last weekend.

Whilst conditions were nearly perfect on Saturday, conditions on Sunday were horrible with torrential rain, winds at 20+ knots and large seas. Of course our crews performed miracles on the Sunday and considering the teams have hardly sailed together, the overall final positions are even more impressive.

Out of sixty entrants, James Hutton-Penman and Thomas Jayasekara finished 8th, Kathryn Hutton-Penman and Matt Jayasekara finished 26th and Arthur Brown and Niamh Davies finished 35th. None of our crews combined weight is particularly heavy; Arthur and Niamh are extremely light but never was there any consideration of not putting up the kite on Sunday, their performance was brilliant!

Other Burnham boats sailed equally well. Chay and Sterling Taylor had an excellent weekend and came 4th and Flynn Davies and Joshua Aldridge, Flynn now helming and Josh crewing, came 12th.

Next stop is an Open Meeting at Northampton this weekend and the next Grand Prix indicator is at Chewl Valley in early October.

Nick Hutton-Penman