RCYC Charity Regatta

»«Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th August 2011

The RCYC hosted their annual charity regatta on the 6/7 August this year in aid of the Rarer Cancers Foundation. On the Saturday RCODs, Dragons, Squibs, 707s, RBODs and even one Flying Fifteen raced from the club line to a committee boat finish near Holliwell. Then everyone raced back to finish at the club line in time for a well earned liquid de-brief in the club.

The Regatta Supper Party was well attended on Saturday evening and guests were treated to a delicious supper plus entertainment from Ian Stewart as ‘Simply Sinatra’.

Sunday’s racing covered the same format as Saturday but with the increased winds, some boats finished after the third race and the lucky ones were back in the clubhouse before the squall hit the river.


  • 707s - Paul Gray - Beaver Hunter
  • Dragons – Mark Wade – Avalanche
  • Squibs – Ian Gray - Chequemate
  • RCODs - Adrian Fluker - Cormorant
  • RBOD’s - Mike Shields - Onyx
  • Flying Fifteens - Justin Waples - Bright Sparks

Following the prize giving the raffle was drawn with some super hampers donated by the charity and club members. It was lovely to see two hard working members of the race committee, Derek and Dwilla winning first place in the raffle, especially after they said ‘We never win a prize!’. With entry fees, donation from the supper party and tickets sales from the raffle and the prize draw for the two Musto jackets, over £2000 was raised for the RCF. Draw for the two Musto jackets will take place on Monday 29th August.

PS The Musto jackets were won by Tracy Claridge.

Debbie de Boltz thanked everyone for their support for the RCYC charity regatta, especially Peter Marchant for all his help at the weekend, and was delighted to announce how much had been raised for the charity. Being a little known charity, Debbie explained that The Rarer Cancers Foundation aim is ‘to ensure that people with rarer cancers have access to the best services and outcomes’.

Research shows that there are more than a quarter of a million people diagnosed with cancer in the UK each year. Overall it is estimated that one in three will develop some form of cancer in their lifetime. There are more than 200 different types of cancer but four of them (lung, breast, bowel and prostate) account for only just over half of all new cases.

Those with a rarer or less common cancer make up nearly 46% new cases of cancer each year, which makes them the fifth largest group, but the one with the slowest diagnosis, fewest drugs, least research, least information and the poorest services. Rarer cancers include kidney, pancreatic, ovarian, leukaemia, liver to name but a few.

The charity knows that there is still more that is needed to be done to ensure that every person affected by a rare or less common cancer is to benefit from services and outcomes which are comparable with the best in Europe. They rely on the support of the community to help with their work and the support of the RCYC by hosting the charity regatta is very much appreciated.

Debbie de Boltz