Burnham Squib Success at Cowes

»«Cowes Week 6th to 13th August 2011

Two Burnham Squibs entered Cowes Week and occupied two places on the podium out of a fleet entry of 27. Lady Penelope and Surprise were separated by Aquabat after sailing consistently over the eight day regatta.

With two discards available out of the eight results and two OCSs to discard, a good result on the final day was essential for the Lady Penelope team of Malcolm Hutchings and Andy Ramsey and this time they got the winning gun, giving them an overall score of eight points.

Duncan Grindley and his crew for the regatta, Dave Ross, produced a result sheet with a pleasing symmetry about it - two second places, two thirds and two fourth positions which enabled them likewise to dump their two OCS results, leaving them with a total of eighteen points.

With Burnham Week on the horizon there could be some sharp sailing in the Squibs!