Squib National Championships

»«Sunday 26th June to Friday 1st July 2011

The six Squibs who had travelled to the Nationals in Plymouth had put up a terrific performance and all finished in the top 20 of the 61 entrants.

Spoof, Mickey Wright & Clive Dunn and Lady Penelope, Malcolm Hutchings & Andy Ramsey, were in contention for the top slot all the way through but poor performances in the last race meant that they ended up 5th and 6th leaving the Hogans from South Canaervon to take their 8th Nationals title.

Humphrey, Robert & Tracy Coyle, were 14th, Trophoblast, Chris Goodfellow & Marc Rawinsky 18th, Helmut Rising II, Nigel Grogen and Daniel Cripps - who suffered some gear failure and damage – 19th, Guy Fawkes, Phil Aspinal & Howie Enkel were 20th and also won the silver fleet.

Malcolm Hutchings