Additions to the Archive - 2

»«June 2011

This is the story of a coincidence and one from which RCYC has benefited. Last month an account of how Mrs Judy Wilkinson had presented the Club with various pieces of memorabilia, much welcomed for the archives, appeared on the website.

Of enormous interest were three copies of the Club Journal from 1937 and a photograph was posted of the these journals, featuring in particular the one with the 1937 Coronation plaque on the front cover, being the most striking from the pictorial point of view. The Club had presented a plaque to each competitor in Burnham Week of that year.

A first-time visitor to the Club website spotted this and immediately recognised the picture of the plaque as one he had seen amongst his recently-deceased father's effects.

He contacted me via email, sent photos which proved without any doubt that he was right. Neither he nor his father had a connection with the club; his father collected stamps, medals and other small items of interest and probably acquired the plaque in New Zealand. It is in perfect condition and has never been attached to a boat which was the original intention.

The owner of the plaque decided to donate it to our archives for which we are particularly grateful as he has no connection with us except an interest in the architectural period of the present building.

A real coincidence - had he looked at the club website a day earlier, the plaque would never have come into our possession.

There is a lesson to be learnt, I think...

Wendy Eagling