Otter Camp-out

»«Saturday 18th June 2011

This year it was a close call - should we cancel or go ahead? Faced with a pretty bad forecast we decided to brave it out and run the Jubilee Pursuit race and Otter Camp-out.

During the afternoon, a strong wind with rainy squalls coming through meant only the toughest sailors hit the water. Early on it looked like the Oppi (Arthur Brown) would hold position but on the reaching legs it became clear that the Lasers and some of the Cadets would pass him. Niick Sutton crewed by Robert Main put on an impressive display of Cadet sailing to take the race by a considerable margin.

There was an epic tussle for 2nd and 3rd places between James Hutton- Penman and Hamish Eckstein who were rarely more than a couple of boat lengths apart. With a photo finish Hamish took second place overall, and James came 3rd.

At around 5pm we all headed up to the Quinlans garden by the river in Creeksea for the camp-out which despite the strong wind and a few showers was, as always, good fun. “Bob the Banger Bennett” did sterling work cooking for everyone. And all in all, the parents,who are usually the most troublesome, behaved quite well.

The event raised £140 for Otter funds.

Kay Tavinor