Voyages of a Simple Sailor - in Russian...

»«Saturday 18th June 2011

Roger Taylor's first book, 'Voyages of a Simple Sailor' is now being printed in Russian and the translation of his second book, 'Mingming and the Art of Minimal Ocean Sailing' is almost complete. Roger described working with the translator, a retired Russian merchant master mariner, as 'great fun' and he also hopes to see both books in French translations before too long.

By the time you read this, Roger will have left with Mingming, by road for Whitehills on the Moray Firth which will again be the port of departure for his voyage 2011. He will again sail north, his target being 80°N, to the north-west of Spitsbergen.

"On the way I intend to visit Jan Mayen once again, with the hope that I might be able to catch the island in clear weather and get a proper view of the 7000’ volcano Mt Beerenberg. If things go well I should have plenty of time in hand, and may also nose around the islands of SE Svalbard and stick my nose into the Barents Sea."

Roger expects to be back in his home port by the middle of August. As you will doubtless remember, 'minimal ocean sailing' means navigating and communicating with minimal instruments, so we don't expect to hear from him until his return...

Bon Voyage, Roger!