The Caudle Cup

»«Sunday 12th June 2011

The annual team race in RCODs and RBODs for the Caudle Cup took place in unsummery weather and blustery conditions. The Corinthian team consisted of Corinna, Corindelle, Corsair and a battered Corpo Santo and I wish to thank all the owners and helms who volunteered their boats and time.

Unfortunately Bobby Melville has injured his back and was unable to compete so Matthew Anthony took his place as a helm in the RCYC team along with Barry Lewis, myself and Peter Marchant who stepped into the breach.

I was lucky enough to nab John Waterhouse to help me in Corpo, Matthew had a shanghaied Mick King (cruisers) in Corindelle, Barry was in an RBOD with Rosemary Heathfield and a borrowed Nicola Hastwell and Peter also took an RB with Jackie Tracey (Squibs) and a borrowed Sylvia Hastwell.

In strengthening winds the RB team proved victorious with 15 points to the RC's 21. A good match was followed by a convivial lunch, which Simon Hollington, RBOD Captain, enjoyed enormously especially "crewing in Bobby Melville's beautiful and superfast boat." He reminded us that "next year is the RBOD`s 8Oth and we look forward to defending the Caudle Cup at home in June and being joined by your team for suitable post match celebrations."

Lynn Frost