Crossrail/RSPB Project June Update

»«June 2011

The following information was presented to the Joint Clubs' Committee by Mark Wakelin at the May Meeting. He mentioned the new buoys, work on a new chart made necessary by the new buoys and the progress on the unloading facility.

"The buoys have now been ordered for overhaul of buoyage from the Whitaker to the new berth. We are looking at approximately week of 11th July for the installation.

We are working on a new chart with new buoys and positions to be published as a kind of special issue Harbour Guide. It will also be posted on the Web site.

Bam Nuttall (who have the contract for building the unloading facility, which is ongoing in Poland) are intending to arrive in August to prepare for the installation of the pontoon. They will be driving piles from a jack-up rig to locate the pontoons. The piles will be brought in by a flat barge.

They have required a works area for these works which we have limited to projecting 20m out into the river forward of the eventual face of the pontoon and 40m upriver and downriver of the eventual ends of the berth. We are hoping to avoid buoying the 'corners' of this box but mooring wires etc. will be buoyed for safety".

Mark Wakelin