Beer Festival

»«Friday & Saturday 29th & 30th April 2011

RCYC Beer Festival - a new venture for the Club but a successful one. A lot of hard work and planning by Tony and the team paid off. The sponsors and 'staff' had a quick preview on Thursday evening just to ensure the ale was at its best, you understand, then with John Heathfield unfortunately otherwise occupied, Sir Richard Rycroft and Matthew Anthony stood shoulder to shoulder to fill the breach. Which they did superbly, admirably supported by the RCOD fleet and associated friends who volunteered as bar staff. John's niece, Lucy (Corsair) was also in constant support and even roped in partner Joe Clarke for additional 'arm' muscle, to uphold the family honour with Mum Rosemary.

The gentlemen of the Club did their best to appear unconcerned with the Royal Wedding while glued to the TV screen in the bar with the ladies, so it wasn't until the early afternoon that the supping began in earnest and the beautiful sunshine ensured that once ensconced in the lee of the boathouse, pint in hand, no further effort was required on their part.

The visiting 707s also did their best to check the barrels of each and every ale on offer, and Club hospitality at its finest had the home fleets keeping them company!

Not surprisingly the 707s’ barrel of Timmy Taylor's Land Lord was the first to go, and by the end not much was left, with the two most popular beers and three ciders having run out entirely as John’s choices were varied and excellent. To avoid tears while draining the barrels, the remainder was taken into the club in two pint Take Away cartons and jugs for sale and ready consumption.

A very creditable experiment with lessons learnt for the next time .............. Grateful thanks to everyone for their efforts and support, and we wish John a speedy recovery.

Lynn Frost