A Welcome Visitor

»«Sunday 24th April 2011

The brand new Tamar class lifeboat to be stationed at Walton visited to RCYC for a sandwich lunch on Sunday. The Walton crew collected the £2.7 million boat from the RNLI HQ at Poole three weeks ago after an intensive course at the Lifeboat College and have just completed a further two weeks of training on-station at Walton. She spent Sunday morning on exercise with both Burnham lifeboats which was the Walton crew’s first day out without a ‘minder’ in the form of an RNLI inspector or training staff on board.

A number of club members took the opportunity to look around the boat, though Margaret Pollard was surprised when she approached a group of seven people on the balcony to ask if they would like a look at the lifeboat and they replied, "We’ve been on her all morning - we’re the crew!"

Dick Rycroft