More Good News from Oz!

»«Monday 17th January 2011

With the England Ashes team in the ascendancy, it was just wishful thinking that the Brits might beat the Aussies on their home waters as well! And it came to pass...

Lawrie Smith, crewed by Tim Tavinor and Ossie Stewart, sailed Alfie GBR 751 into sailing history with the slimmest of margins in the final race to become Champions in the Dragon Worlds.

We knew the omens were looking good. Martin Makey sent the news on Friday last that "now having had a look at the results, we do have some very good news to report- Tim Tav, crewing for Lawrie Smith is currently 2nd with Marcus Weiser in 1st" so it was all hanging on the last race when Alfie had to manage at least sixth place in that final to win.

And they made it. Very close. Apparently The White Hart played its part according to Stavros' IDA Blog...

"With the final race over three long up winds and two down winds it took every ounce of helming technique, crewing skills and sail trimming to slowly climb up to 6th place on the final run. But with the race leaders all having their own private battles which included some heavy “cover tacks”, GBR 751 had to brave the bad air caused by such antics and pray they could hold onto their essential position as the finish line beckoned…… On crossing the finish line with a last ditch roll tack that required every extra kilogram Petticrow owner and crew Tim Tavinor has painstakingly put on with countless visits to the “White Hart” public house in Burnham-on Crouch, GBR 751 took the 6th place by a whisker..."

Makey & Stavros